RANGE OF SERVICES of Laboratory of psychodiagnostics

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Range of potentially interested organizations and individuals

The development of psychological tests for diagnostics of capabilities, professional interests, personality traits

Publishers and firms specializing in publishing and distributing tests and psychological literature

Selection of the complex of psychodiagnostic techniques and diagnosis of psychological characteristics of children and adults, psychological climate in the groups with the issuance of psychodiagnostic report and recommendations to solve psychological problems, conflict resolution, optimal organization of work and training, development of behavioral strategies and goals.

Private and state-owned enterprises, private individuals




Evaluation of psychophysiological status of adults and children on a range of indicators (variational pulsometry, electroencephalogram, electromyogram, galvanic skin response, the depth of the thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing, vascular tone, and temperature) for the purpose of professional selection, research and restoration of adaptive resources and performance, detection and correction of psychosomatic disorders, stress, comprehensive rehabilitation

Private and public enterprises, divisions MES, professional sports and sports of high achievement, where staff activity is associated with risk and high load on the mind and body as a whole (management of transport, energy and other complex man-made objects, fire and rescue activities, athletic exercises, complex rhythm of activity - changes of time zones, night and daily work, etc.)

Conducting training with biofeedback for adults to improve adaptation resources, stress, self-regulation, psychological well-being, improve attention, memory, thinking, establishment of the optimal balance between emotional and cognitive processes, overcoming dependency, pain, sleep disorders, disease prevention and etc.

Private and state-owned enterprises, private individuals

Conduct trainings with children from 5 years old with sleep problems, motor activity, learning, behavior, etc.

Childcare facilities (schools, training and education centers, private training centers), parents.



Areas of application and indications for therapy with biofeedback

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Clinical area:

  • neuroses, anxiety, and phobias;
  • depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, medical and social rehabilitation;
  • Reynaud's phenomenon – spasms of hands, cold hands;
  • hyperactivity, learning disorders and attention in children and adolescents;
  • sleep disorders;
  • pain syndrome, tension headaches, migraine;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • hypertension, vegetal - vascular dystonia;
  • muscle cramps, hypotonus or hypertonicity of muscle, coordination disorders;
  • non photosensitive epilepsy, epileptiform activity on EEG, etc.

All clinical disorders are corrected with the permission and under the supervision of a physician.

Non-clinical area:

  • stress management, business trainings;
  • increase self-control, the ability to hide emotions;
  • sports;
  • pedagogy;
  • development of creative abilities, memory, attention,
  • relaxation training, management, functional states;
  • physic correction of the dependences and psychological  problems;
  • professional suitability check for some professions, etc.

Contraindications to the therapy with biofeedback:

  • State of acute psychosis
  • Somatic and infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • Photosensitive epilepsy;
  • Pronounced dementia;
  • Dependents attitude.

There are some contraindications for specific types of biofeedback training