Our work on tests and psychophysiological methods

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1. The questionnaire of women's adaptability in relationships with the opposite sex (female coquetry) 


by E.L. Lutsenko, V.V. Volchanova


2. The test of primativeness (the tendency to be guided by instinctual patterns of behavior as opposed to rational)

by E.L. Lutsenko, K.Z. Absalyamova

3. The method of diagnostic of Perceptive Anticipation in the form of the computer game "Find The Way».

by K.A. Andronnikova (Psychology), F.N. Zavodovsky (Programming).


4. The test of Disorders of healthy behavior


by E.L.Lutsenko, O.E.Gabelkova



5. Adapted test of critical thinking by L.Starki


adaptation by E.L.Lutsenko



6. Low Physical Activity Tendency Method



by E.L.Lutsenko, O.Ye.Gabelkova