Hardware-software gaming biofeedback complex "BOS-Pulse"

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Hardware-software gaming complex of biocontrol "BOS-Pulse" (the production of the Research Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, NE Medical Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia). With its help method of estimating human psychophysiological state based on the analysis of heart rate variability and relaxation, stress tolerance, attention, prevention of medical illness trainings are implemented.

The device is a plastic box the size of a cigarette pack with a cuff fastened on the finger with Velcro.


It is a Photoplethysmographic sensor that measures pulse. Sensor using a wire connected to the USB-port of the computer on which it has special software.


Capabilities of the device:

1) Testing the level of accumulated stress and psycho-physiological adaptation reserves of people. Diagnostics is performed for 5 minutes at rest sitting on a chair or armchair.

2) Measurement of the average time of a simple reaction and the reaction of choice of the person, you need to test for another 5-10 minutes, using other software, but in the same way (sitting, with a sensor on the hand).

3) Exercise on stress tolerance, attentiveness and increase general adaptation resources of staff through biofeedback heart rate. 15-30 minutes a day, two to three times a week in the fun gaming way control of the heart rate, breathing and concentration are trained.


Application in the banking sector:

1) The first possibility (testing the level of accumulated stress and psycho-physiological adaptation reserves) can be used both for customers and for the staff of the bank. Working with clients of the bank technique will help determine their current level of stress and adaptation reserves. If the stress is high and the adaptation reserves are low, this indicates an impending nervous and somatic breakdown, and that is, the person is in an unstable, emaciated condition, possibly desperate. Therefore, it is likely that the customer in this state is not able to objectively evaluate his chance of getting a loan and deal with the obligations assumed. In working with bank staff methodology also allows us to define the state of the above and apply early action to prevent psychological and physical disruptions in staff (errors, conflicts, disease, reduce health and other consequences of distress).

2) The second option can be used to work with the staff of the bank to identify a simple reaction time and choice reaction that helps you make the right placement, make an individual approach, optimizing the activities of employees of the bank.

3) The third possibility of trainingstress tolerance, attentiveness and improvement of general adaptation of human resources is also designed to work with the staff of the bank in order to reduce negative stress, improve self-control, alertness, better health and a sense of psychological well-being of employees.